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In Home Veterinary Care for Cats and Dogs




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What is holistic medicine?
Dr. Sharp takes a holistic approach to medicine.  This means she looks at the whole picture: body, mind, lifestyle, breed, environment, history, and current treatments.   Instead of focusing on just one style of medicine, she combines general veterinary medicine, acupuncture, nutriceuticals, herbs, physical therapy, and training.  She also has references to chiropracters, homeopathics, and herbalists.  The goal is to recognize issues as soon as possible and to cause as little harm to the body while restoring health.

How far do you travel?
We practice within Santa Cruz County.
If you live outside of the county, call 831.621.7444 or email Joanna, our Practice Manager, to discuss options for you.

Can I bring my pet to you?

Even better, we bring the Doctor to you. Our practice is mobile and our goal is to stay out of the hospital.  We treat out of a full-service local hospital for routine surgeries like spays, neuters, and dental procedures.

What happens if my pet needs to go to the hospital?

There will be times when in-home care isn't possible for things like: surgeries, dental work, x-rays, and some emergency situations. We partner with another local animal hospital, Westside Animal Hospital, and have full access to their equipment and expert staff.


For member emergencies, Dr. Sharp will meet you and your pet at one of 3 local hospitals.  The time of the emergency will determine which local hospital - Westside Animal Hospital, Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services, or Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital. She has full doctor privileges at Westside Animal Hospital and works well with the veterinarians at the other 2 emergency hospitals.

What if my pet has an emergency? 

For members only:

In the event of an emergency, Dr. Sharp can meet you and your pet at a local hospital.  During normal business hours, this will be at Westside Animal hospital, Pacific Veterinary Emergency hospital, or Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital. 

During afterhours, she will meet you at either Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital or Pacific Veterinary Emergency hospital. 

She has been a local veterinarian for 15 years and she knows and respects the doctors and staff.   As a member, she is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I need to get a prescription refilled for my pet. Can you do this over the phone? 

We are happy to manage prescriptions for our patients.  We also can discuss any questions you may have about why they are being prescribed for your pet.