Dr. Evelyn Sharp   Veterinarian

Dr. Sharp has developed a program for helping people who have a special relationship with their animals. After graduating from UC Davis and working as a veterinarian in Soquel for 14 years, she developed this holistic in-home service that decreases stress and the typical cost of disease by helping keep pets out of the hospital.

For families, the stress of taking time off work and bringing their pets to the vet is eliminated. Everyone is happier and more relaxed. Dr. Sharp comes to your home or office and is available to see members anytime they need her. This lets your cat or dog get to know her and be comfortable.

The sooner a disease is recognized, the easier and cheaper it is to treat. This housecall service includes more frequent exams and tests to catch diseases before the symptoms show. Small problems are fixed easily rather than becoming large. Standard prevention and vaccinations are done as necessary. Full hospital services are available at a local hospital if needed.

Dr. Sharp performs comprehensive health checks in order to use fewer procedures and treats holistically using acupunctureoptions, physical therapy, or training. She continues learning new methods of prevention and stays abreast of current medical information.

Zip the foster pup