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Raccoon Distemper and Cats and Dogs

Recently a map of all the reported raccoon distemper cases was posted in Santa Cruz, California.  Full map with dots from 2015, Red dots are last 2 months.  This has caused confusion and fear mostly due to the variety of disease names, virus names, and vaccine names. Let me help clear this up so that you know which vaccines your cat and dog should be up-to-date on. Let’s start with dogs.  Raccoon can contract canine distemper. …

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FlyGirl the “Sweetie Fly”

FlyGirl left ear up_right ear flat.

The world has lost a truly gentle creature. FlyGirl’s life with us ended yesterday.  She spent last Sunday comforting UCSC students during finals week, Wednesday having children learn to read by reading to her at the library, and, as always, teaching Trill how to greet the world with curiosity and a smile.  But this Sunday, she went into the hospital because she had no energy and was feeling poorly.  By Monday, her liver had failed…

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Come on, let’s Play!

Trill and Chopa playing

Let’s Play! Play is a fantastic way to spend time with our dogs and our cats. Our newsletter this month is on play, so I’ve been noticing how often I do silly games with my girls. All the time! Play is such an important part of how we spend time together. Along with just being a lot of fun, play can be extraordinarily powerful. Play (and the laughter and feel-good hormones it produces) contributes to good mental…

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